Could Marine Le Pen rename the Front National?

Marine Le Pen has revived her plan to change the name of the Front National in an effort to discard its “demonised” image, which she sees as deterring possible voters.

The conservative party won almost a third of the vote in regional elections earlier this month. Nevertheless, it failed to win power in any region because the governing Socialists withdrew key candidates. Many of their supporters voted instead for Nicolas Sarkozy’s centre-Right party, The Republicans, in order to deny the far-Right the electoral breakthrough that Ms Le Pen wanted.

She believes one reason voters blocked the FN’s rise was the baggage of anti-semitism and racism associated with its name, tainted by the repeated convictions of its founder, her father, Jean-Marie Le Pen, for denying the Holocaust, an offence in France.

He shouted down her earlier attempts to rebrand the party by adopting a new name, declaring that it would never happen “while I’m alive”.

However, Ms Le Pen engineered her father’s expulsion from the party four months ago over anti-semitic comments and she has now put the proposal firmly on the agenda of the Front National’s forthcoming conference in the new year.

“The question of changing the name must not be taboo,” she told a party committee. “The Front National is a name that has a strong history. It represents a limit in the heads of some voters because it is still demonised.”

A name change is backed by several leading party figures eager to build on Ms Le Pen’s efforts to “detoxify” the party and appeal to more moderate voters since she succeeded her father as party leader in 2011.

Gilbert Collard, one of the FN’s two MPs, said: “We must deprive the Socialists and The Republicans of all the weapons that enable them to portray us as fascists. Can we knock down the clichés if we keep the same name?”

Ms Le Pen’s deputy, Florian Philippot, also agrees the party should be renamed. However, the idea is still far from enjoying the unanimous support of the party leadership. Bernard Monot, a member of the FN’s political committee, said he was “100 per cent against it”.

Jean-François Jalkh, a vice-chairman in charge of legal affairs, said: “We’re not epileptic at the idea, but is the time right?”

Meer as 100 mense by betoging vir Clive Derby-Lewis se vrylating

clive_betogingDié berigte het op Maroelamedia en Sapa verskyn oor die betoging op 12 April 2012 om Clive Derby-Lewis vry te laat.

Clive Derby-Lewis, een van die mans wat skuldig bevind is aan SAKP-leier Chris Hani se moord, moet vrygelaat word, het Front Nasionaal (FN) Saterdag gesê.

“Derby-Lewis is Suid-Afrika se bekendste oorblywende politieke gevangene,” het Dan Roodt, die groep se adjunkleier, in Pretoria gesê. ʼn Optog is Saterdag gereël deur ondersteuners vir Derby-Lewis.

Roodt het Saterdag aan Maroela Media bevestig ʼn versoekskrif vir Derby-Lewis se vrylating is aan die direkteur van die departement van korrektiewe dienste oorhandig. FN gaan ook ʼn lys van meer as 1 000 name wat ʼn petisie vir Derby-Lewis se vrylating onderteken het, aan die DKD stuur.

Hy sê nagenoeg 120 mense, insluitend die sanger en aktivis Steve Hofmeyr, het Saterdag aan die optog deelgeneem.

FN het dit benadruk dat die vrylatingseis nie ʼn politieke stelling is nie. “Dit kan dalk soos ʼn paradoks klink. Clive is ʼn voltrekte politikus, ʼn staatsman en ʼn leiersfiguur vir die konserwatiewe beweging in Suid-Afrika,” het Roodt gesê. Die FN glo om hom vry te lat, is die regte ding om te doen.

FN eis sy vrylating “in die naam van geregtigheid, in die naam van God of Christelike welwillendheid en in die naam van burgerlike waardes”. “Hulle sal ons verregs noem vir hierdie versoek tot redelikheid,” het Roodt gesê. “Hulle sal ons as fasciste beskryf, of ongemanierde boere, maar ons verwerp alle etikette en slagspreuke.”

Hani is op 10 April 1993 in die oprit van sy huis in Boksburg doodgeskiet. Derby-Lewis (78) is tot 25 jaar tronkstraf gevonnis en het reeds meer as 20 jaar van dié vonnis uitgedien. Hy is onlangs met kanker gediagnoseer en sy aansoek om mediese parool is al twee keer afgekeur.

Die SAKP in die Wes-Kaap beplan om Saterdag Chris Hani-gedenklesings te hou.

Hofmeyr het ook die optog in Pretoria bygewoon. “Op ons president se verjaarsdag vra ons vir ‘n klein bietjie hart en ‘n helse klomp geregtelike konsekwentheid. As [Robert] McBride en [Nelson] Mandela (en [Shabir] Shaik en [Jackie] Selebi) amnestie-gholf mag speel, is ek seker mediese parool kan oorweeg word vir een van die oudste politieke gevangenes ter wêreld,” het Hofmeyr aan Maroela Media gesê.

Media invited to Free Clive Derby-Lewis protest on 12 April

The organisers of the Free Clive Derby-Lewis protest invite the media to attend their event at 09h00 on Saturday 12 April at Church Square in the centre of Pretoria.

Apart from celebrity activist Steve Hofmeyr, a number of political parties and Afrikaans cultural organisations are going to participate in the protest.

Mr. Derby-Lewis, a former Conservative Party MP and mayor of Edenvale on the East Rand, has recently been diagnosed with lung cancer and is currently hospitalised. He has already been held 21 years as a political prisoner and survived two recent attacks by inmates at the Pretoria Central prison. On several occasions, he has also been denied medical treatment.

Dr. Dan Roodt, spokesman of the Front National, a political party contesting the current elections in South Africa, made the following comment on Derby-Lewis: “Last year I visited him in prison, prior to the attacks that injured him. He is a kind, articulate, elderly gentleman who does not deserve to be in prison! Together with Janus Walusz, he was denied amnesty by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission for the politically motivated killing of Chris Hani, a communist terrorist, in 1993. However, the TRC granted amnesty to almost all other perpetrators who cited even the remotest political motivation for their deeds, including the APLA mass murderers who had attacked a congregation of the St. James Church during a service, killing eleven people and wounding 58 others on 25 July 1993.”

“Clive Derby-Lewis has been a model prisoner and has qualified for parole since 2008,” he continued. ”But until now his release has not been authorised for what many suspect are political reasons, Clive is entitled to justice like everyone else, including the crazed leftist killers with their war crimes on innocent civilians in South Africa and who have all been amnestied by the TRC, to a man.”

The political party Front National has been running an online petition urging his immediate liberation on humaniarian grounds on its website. The petition will be handed to the department of correctional services on Saturday.

Front National demands immediate release of Clive Derby-Lewis on humanitarian grounds


Front National demands immediate release of Clive Derby-Lewis on humanitarian grounds

April 7, 2014

For attention: news editors / press agencies / international media

For immediate release

FROM: Hannes Engelbrecht

Leader: Front National Political Party, Potchefstroom South Africa/ZA

Front National is a South African Political Party registered with the Independent Electoral Commision. The party decided to embark on a campaign to demand the release of Mr Clive Derby-Lewis, as his release would signal that South Africa has indeed become a nation subjected to law and not only subject to the self interest of politicians. However, we found ourselves outraged and shocked at the total disregard for law and decency that we have encountered thus far, relating to a frail old man, terminally ill and brutally attacked in jail a number of times already.
Mr. Clive Derby Lewis was implicated in the assassination Mr. Chris Hani of the Secretary General of South African Communist Party and also Chief of Staff of Umkhonto we Sizwe, (The Spear of the Nation), which was the military wing of the now ruling African National Congress. The incident happened on April,10th 1993 when a Polish immigrant, one Mr. Janusz Walus shot and killed Mr. Hani. Mr Lewis was also arrested as it was alledged that he obtained and lent the pistol that was used, to Mr Walus some time before. Mr Derby-Lewis was not present at the scene of the shooting.

Both were found guilty and sent to prison on life terms, by the White Nationalist Government that was still in power at that time. The incident can be seen as the spark that led to the creation of the “Rainbow Nation”, as Mr Nelson Mandela stepped into the fray of history and delivered his passionate speech on peace and reconciliation shortly thereafter. Twenty years later, many have started questioning whether that noble intention was only words or whether we had the ability to effect the actions that were supposed to follow them.

South Africa followed a path of conciliation and Mr Lewis applied for amnesty before the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, that was established after the first multiparty Democratic elections in 1994. Mr Lewis was not successful in his application because no evidence could be found that he was following orders from his own Conservative Party, the then Government or any other third party as he claimed. In short then, the TRC found he was complicit in an ordinary criminal murder with no political conspiracy. In the TRC’s final report it is also stated, without any doubt, that there was no assassination plot. In fact the TRC praises an Afrikaner woman who reported the incident to the police, for her bravery in doing so.

In the years following, Mr Lewis asked on numerous occasions for the widow of the victim, Mrs Hani, to allow him to offer his personal apology for his part in her loss. This has been refused every time.

Mr Lewis is now an aged man, terminally ill with lung cancer and various other ailments. What triggered the renewed effort to get him on parole were the brutal attacks which he had to face from fellow inmates over the last two months. He has been assaulted so severely that his arm was broken, he was stabbed multiple times, even with a sharp piece of broken glass and had to undergo lifesaving operations. It has now become clear that he will perish in prison if drastic steps are not taken and that his life is in serious jeopardy.

Front National has been in direct contact with the family and legal representatives of Mr Lewis. A number of previous attempts to have him put on medical parole were all unsuccessful. It seems as though Mr Lewis has become a political play ball for the SACP, as they politicise the issue at every opportunity. Being part of the ruling alliance alongside the ANC, they have successfully prevented the release of the prisoner on every occasion.

Front National, as a parliamentary Party and in the spirit of lawfulness and respect for the legal processes of the state, engaged in discussion with the appropriate authorities as early as 28 March 2014. We applied to have a peaceful protest and the handing over of a petition and a memorandum to the prison authorities. We also complied with all legal requirements. After several meetings with the authorities, we had the cooperation from all parties involved in the proposed protest action, except that of the Department of Correctional Services. In a letter by a spokesperson on 24 March 2014, we were informed that we cannot protest on the parking area in front of the correctional facility, as it will be occupied by visitors. We were invited to contact the spokesperson again, but that proved to be impossible, since. It became very clear that we were being stone walled. It became even more obvious when we saw media reports of ministerial meetings with another party over a weekend and apparently behind closed doors.

However we were very surprised to hear reports over the National Broadcaster on Saturday 5 April 2014, of a massive protest taking place, even disrupting traffic far and wide around the gathering point to protest against the release of Mr Lewis. Apparently as many as 2500 protesters violently stated their objection to the release of the prisoner. It also became clear that The South African Communist Party (SACP) indeed have received permission for their march against the release, in stark contrast to our own peaceful protest in favour of the release, which was not to be allowed.

What shocked us most was that the protest spokesperson stated as a condition of release, that Mr Derby-Lewis revealed all other parties involved in the assasination. As from our information above, even the TRC found no evidence of such a conspiracy – in fact, if they did, Mr. Lewis would have received amnesty and would have been released two decades ago. It is very clear that a narrative has been created based on a conspiracy theory about political interference in the murder that took place 21 years ago. For the SACP it is not about fairness, legality and an old man’s final days, it’s about politicking before an election. If the ANC government, of which the SACP forms an integral part, really suspected foul play they could surely have created resources over the past two decades to come to the truth of the matter.

We feel that a horrendous miscarriage of justice is taking place as we speak. It has become clear that there is no equality of law. A Party wants to have a peaceful protest and act within the law, but is declined on a superficial reason. Another party, which forms part of government is allowed to stage that same protest but against the same issue in a violent and intimidating way. Is this what South Africa, the once “beacon of light” has come to?

We also see what is happening here is sheer double standards, but much broader than only our protest. South Africa as a whole has been shocked by the release of hard-line criminals, fraudsters and corrupters on medical parole, just so that these individuals can be seen partaking in normal life and even playing tennis and golf shortly after release. Examples that comes to mind are the corrupter Shabir Shaik and the ex Police Commissioner Jackie Selebi who were both found guilty of various corruption charges and have been linked positively to organised crime. For them, it was easy to find medical parole. But for an aged terminally ill man that has come to within an inch of being murdered in prison, there is no way of receiving medical parole. This is simply revolting and shows a total lack of compassion and decency.

To further deny Mr. Lewis parole because he is supposed to divulge information on a conspiracy theory that has been officially discarded two decades ago, smacks of insanity. No official, no matter how incompetent or biased he or she may be, can make such a decision and then face no moral outcry. Must we accept that Mr. Lewis will then never be paroled, simply as he cannot divulge information that does not exist in the first place?

We have decided as a freedom loving party to still embark on a protest on 12 April 2104, but not to inconvenience the Department of Correctional services. We will stage a protest in a peaceful way at another venue. We call on the world to take notice of the gross disregard of human life that is at play here. We want the world to see the moral outrage that is taking place. An old frail man is being denied basic rights that other, so much less deserving, were afforded and they even flaunted their new found freedom. Is this justice? Is this what Mr. Hani died for? Or is this a silent conviction of the system that replaced apartheid as an even crueller one, one where systematic persecution and discrimination of a person is adjudicated based on the colour of his skin?

According to the South African government’s own statistics more than 364 000 murders have been committed since 1994; a woman is raped every two seconds in South Africa. That goes unnoticed and has become a part of South African life. But one old frail man on his death bed is made a political rally point by a party that has contributed little and taken much from our land, simply to remain a driving force in a bigger alliance with the ANC.

Clive Derby Lewis must become the new face of justice in South Africa, rather than the face of injustice for political scoring. If it so happens that he dies in prison, with him dies every glimmer of hope that we will ever have a society based on laws or a moral conscience in South Africa.

Hannes Engelbrecht
Front National

Farm attacks to be given immediate attention


Front Nasionaal eis optrede van minister oor plaasaanvalle

Front National demands action from Minister regarding farm attacks
March 26, 2014MediaFront Nasionaal, Front National, political party, politieke party, self-deterrmination,
For attention: news editors
For immediate release
English underneath
Plaasaanvalle moet dringend aandag kry
Oor die afgelope 12 ure het Boere Krisis Aksie berig van 3 plaasaanvalle: een elk by Doornkraal, Cullinan, by St Francisbaai in die Oos-Kaap en by Morningside. Daar bestaan geen betroubare statistiek oor die aantal mense wat reeds in plaasaanvalle die lewe gelaat het nie, aangesien minister Nathi Mthetwa reeds in 2009 opdrag gegee het dat geen afsonderlike statistiek bygehou word nie.
Plaasaanvalle word van owerheidsweë as gewone misdaad beskou.
Sommige onbesvestigde bronne beweer dat soveel soos 68 000 Afrikaners reeds sedert 1994 vermoor is, wat aan internasionale definisies van volksmoord voldoen. Daar is reeds 3 000 boere vermoor, wat gelykstaande aan 10% van die geregistreerde, produserende komersiële boeregemeenskap is. Die wreedheid waarmee hierdie aanvalle dikwels gepaard gaan, kan beskou word as ‘n klad op die naam van enige regering wat nie sy burgers kan beskerm nie. Die gevolg hiervan op die ekonomie en die moreel van die volk is vernietigend.
Afrikaners word letterlik deur geweld uit die land verdryf.
Front Nasionaal eis nou dat die Minsister van Polisie plaasaanvalle met onmiddelike ingang as prioriteitsmisdaad verklaar en ‘n taakspan in die lewe roep om met belanghebbende organisasies in gesprek te tree ten einde ‘n werkbare oplossing te beding om ‘n einde te maak aan hierdie sinlose geweld en bloedvergieting.
Kontak: Dan Roodt, algemene woordvoerder
Willie Cloete, woordvoerder: veiligheid

Farm attacks to be given immediate attention

In the last 12 hours, Boere Krisis Aksie reported three separate farm attacks, one each in Doornkraal, Cullinan, in St Francis Bay, Eastern Cape and in Morningside. No reliable statistics exist to reflect the actual number of victims who died as a result of these attacks as the Minister of Police, Nathi Mthetwa, ordered SAPS to stop recoding the statistics in a separate ledger in 2009 already.
Government regards these attacks as a manifestation of ordinary crime.
According to some unconfirmed sources as many as 68000 Afrikaners have already been murdered since 1994, constituting a genocide by most international definitions.
3000 farmers have been murdered, equal to about 10% of the registered, productive commercial farming community. The absolute cruelty often involved in the attacks should be regarded as a stain on the reputation of a government that is incapable of providing safety and security to its people. The result is extremely counter-productive to the economic life of the nation, not to mention the negative impact on the morale of the Afrikaner minority are literally being driven out of the country through violence.
Front National now demands that the Minister of Police declare farm attacks, with immediate effect, a priority crime and establish a special task force to engage all interested parties in negotiating a workable solution to put an immediate end to the senseless slaughter and violence.
Contact: Kontak: Dan Roodt, general spokesman
Willie Cloete, spokesman, security
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Front Nasionaal herbevestig sy verbintenis tot Afrikanerselfbeskikking


Alle Afrikaners moet op 7 Mei stem, meen Front Nasionaal, die nuwe party wat vir Afrikanerselfbeskikking staan. Volgens die party se woordvoerder en onderleier, dr. Dan Roodt, “het dit veral nodig geword in die lig van die Vryheidsfront Plus wat finaal van Afrikanerselfbeskikking en die volkstaatgedagte afskeid geneem het”.

Luidens ‘n berig in Die Volksblad het dr. Pieter Mulder, leier van die VF Plus, gesê dat “die party afgesien (het) van sy volkstaat-gedagte en beweeg nou in ’n nuwe koers… Die party sal, anders as voorheen, nie meer net die Afrikaner se regte bevorder nie. Die minderheidsgroepe sluit reeds die Bruin Bemagtigingsbeweging (BBB) en Khoisan in die Noord-Kaap in. Die leiers van die Khoisan het ook reeds aangedui dat hulle bereid is om vir die VF Plus te stem.” Dr. Mulder het terselfdertyd bevestig dat hy weereens bereid sou wees om in ‘n ANC-kabinet opgeneem te word.

Front Nasionaal het sy kommer daaroor uitgespreek dat die Vryheidsfront Plus met sy omhelsing van multikulturalisme en afstanddoening van Afrikanerselfbeskikking insgelyks die Akkoord oor Afrikanerselfbeskking van 23 April 1994 tussen genl. Constand Viljoen en Thabo Mbeki in die gedrang bring.

Volgens dr. Dan Roodt “is dit van die uiterste belang dat daar steeds ‘n party in die parlement verteenwoordig sal wees wat die fakkel van daardie akkoord brandend sal hou. Front Nasionaal is al party wat nog oorbly wat locus standi sal hê om daardie historiese akkoord eerbiedig te sien.”

Front Nasionaal gaan insgelyks voort met sy veldtog om mnr. Clive Derby-Lewis om menslikheidsredes op parool te laat vrylaat. Tot dusver het die departement van korrektiewe dienste geweier om ‘n betoging op 12 April voor die Pretoria-sentraal-gevangenis toe te laat. Op daardie dag sal Front Nasionaal, tesame met ander Afrikaanse organisasies en openbare figure, waaronder Steve Hofmeyr, ‘n petisie aan die gevangenisowerheid oorhandig waarin Derby-Lewis se vrylating versoek word.

‘n Tweede vergadering met die departement van korrektiewe dienste en die Pretoriase munisipaliteit is vir 27 Maart belê om die betoging te bespreek.

“Indien die departement ons nie gelyk gee om met die betoging voort te gaan nie, sal ons die hof om ‘n interdik teen die departement nader,” sê Roodt.

Front Nasionaal gaan formele klag teen DKD lê oor Clive-Derby Lewis

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Formele klagte gaan gelê word

Front Nasionaal het met groot skok kennis geneem daarvan dat ‘n tweede aanval binne enkele weke geloods is op die gevangene, Clive Derby-Lewis, wat in Pretoria aangehou word na sy skuldigbevinding aan medepligtigheid aan die sluipmoord op die voormalige SAKP sekretarisgeneraal, Chris Hani, 22 jaar gelede. In hierdie aanval die pas afgelope naweek is mnr Derby Lewis met ‘n skerp glasskerf in die rug en in die arm gesteek.
‘n Aanlynpetisie waarin daar gevra word om die vrylating van mnr Derby Lewis het reeds etlike honderde handtekeninge gewerf.
Alle belanghebbende organisasies en individue word versoek om vanaand om 17:30 aan te meld vir ‘n protesaksie by Pretoria Sentrale Stasie, h/v Bosman- en Pretoriastraat, waarvandaan daar beweeg sal word na Sunnyside Polisiestasie waar ‘n formele klagte gelê sal word teen die Departement Korrektiewe Dienste wat nie in staat is daartoe om mnr Derby-Lewis te beveilig nie.
Formal charges to be laid
Front National learned with shock that a second assault within a few weeks was committed, against Mr. Clive Derby-Lewis who was imprisoned in Pretoria after being found guilty as an accessory to the assassination of the former SACP Secretary General, Chris Hani, 22 years ago.
In this latest attack Mr. Derby-Lewis was stabbed in the back and in the arm with a sharp piece of glass.
An online petition for the release of Mr. Derby-Lewis has already gained hundreds of signatures.
All individuals and organisations involved and interested are called upon to gather for a protest action at Pretoria Central Station, corner of Bosman and Pretoria Streets at 17:30 this evening from where the procession will move to Sunnyside Police Station to press formal charges against the Department of Correctional Services for their inability to secure the safety for Mr. Derby-Lewis.
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Of stuur ‘n epos aan: info[at]

Front Nasionaal teen Kovsie-’transformasie’

Die regering van SA en die Grondwet maak voorsiening vir die inagneming en die bestaansreg van elke etniese groep en volk binne die grense van Suid-Afrika. Die uitbuiting van die blanke Afrikaanssprekende blyk nou weer uit die gedrag van die UV se koshuisbestuur.

Volgens Anell Fourie, woordvoerder vir onderwys van Front Nasionaal, “ontstaan tradisie en kultuur spontaan vanuit gemeenskappe met dieselfde denkwyses en doelstellings en word sodanig gevestig. Om ‘n kunsmatig herskepte “nuwe” tradisie of kultuur af te dwing, is om ‘n situasie te skep waar ‘n kultuur benadeel word ten gunste van twyfelagtige ideologiese oogmerke. Saam met die vernietiging van tradisie in die opvoedkundige konteks, gaan onvermydelik ook die verval van dissipline en respek.”

Front Nasionaal voel dat die verwysing na studente wat tydens ‘n vergadering nie na die rektor geluister het nie, ‘n duidelike bewys is dat die huidige rektor, as gevolg van sy vorige uitlatings en blatante rassisme en weersin in Afrikaners bloot nie meer die die respek van sy studente afdwing nie. Dít, opsigself, is reeds rede tot groot kommer.

FN wil hom uitspreek en sy duidelike afkeer bekendmaak van die huidige sogenaamde ‘transformasie’ wat in die JBM Hertzog-koshuis plaasvind. Hertzog se noue, historiese verbintenis met Vrystaatse tradisies is veel meer as ‘n eeu oud en is verhewe bo rassepolitiek en eiewaan. Om sy naam dus van die koshuis te verwyder, verteenwoordig kulturele en opvoedkundige vandalisme.

Me. Fourie het verder gevra: “Waarom moet daar selfs sportgedenkwaardighede van ‘n vorige koshuisinwoner verwyder word? Dit is betreurenswaardig dat sulke blyke van vorige prestasie nie verder vertoon mag word nie.”

Daar word tans ook fisieke geweld op ongekende skaal teen Afrikanerplaasboere en -stedelinge gepleeg, veel meer as wat tot die onlangse afstigting van die Krim vanaf die Oekraïne gelei het. Volgens Fourie, behels “die moord op ‘n volk en ‘n groepering meer as bloot die ontneming van lewens; dit behels ook die ontkenning en ontneming van ‘n eie tradisie, taal en kultuur. Hierteen is ons ten sterkste gekant.”

Front National disturbed by Malema’s anti-Afrikaans comments

Front National, a newly-formed party campaigning for Afrikaner self-determination in the 2014 election, has reacted with dismay to Julius Malema’s most recent comments about so-called “Afrikaner control” of South Africa and the country’s Revenue Service.

“The comments by Malema are disturbing in that they perpetuate communist myths formulated in the 1960s by Brian Bunting and others that a secret cabal of Afrikaners controlled the South African economy,” said the party’s deputy leader and spokesman, Dr. Dan Roodt. “These pronouncements are all the more worrying in that Afrikaners are already subjected to genocidal killings such as farm murders, house attacks in the cities and other atrocities committed by armed gangs that have clearly had military training.”

According to Front National, South Africa’s mineral resources and most of the economy have always been controlled by colonial British companies who directly and indirectly funded and supported anti-Afrikaner terror such as the Church Street bomb of 1983.

“Given the adulation of Britain for Nelson Mandela and the ANC/SACP generally, including comments by Mr. David Miliband in 2009 during his tenure as British Foreign Secretary in support of terrorism by the South African Communist Party and Joe Slovo against Afrikaner civilians in South Africa, it is clear that the destabilisation of South Africa is serving the interests of foreign powers and foreign capitalists. The terror and ethnic cleansing of Afrikaners supported by vast sections of Britain, including the Anglican Church, have not abated and are continuing today, currently incited by Malema and the EFF whose only ideology consists of myths of ‘stolen land’ fabricated by British Marxist historians.”

Roodt called on all Afrikaners, rich and poor, to support the Front National in order to “put an end to cultural, linguistic and racial discrimination against Afrikaners, as well as extra-judicial killings and hate speech”.

“Our days in the unitary state are numbered,” Roodt said. “It is obvious that the centuries-old hatred of Britain for the Afrikaner people, transmitted to radical Afrocentrists in South Africa through our quasi-British universities where British Marxism is the dominant ideology, makes it impossible for us to longer live in this radicalised and hate-filled English society.”

Front National was encouraged by the speedy way in which Crimea had obtained self-determination over the week-end and hoped that Afrikaners might soon obtain their freedom, after a similar referendum on self-determination.

Front Nasionaal: Formele toetrede tot 2014-verkiesing

FN-virjoutoekomsMEDIAVERKLARING OP 13 MAART 2014

‘n Nuwe politieke party, Front Nasionaal, het gister ná betaling van die deposito’s en inhandiging van kandidatelyste, formeel tot die verkiesingstryd toegetree. Die party sal op die nasionale lys vir die parlement, asook die provinsiale lys vir die Gautengprovinsie verskyn.

Front Nasionaal beywer hom vir Afrikaner- en ander minderheidskiesers waarteen die huidige Afrosentriese stelsel in Suid-Afrika diskrimineer.

Die leier van die party is mnr. Hannes Engelbrecht, ‘n joernalis van Potchefstroom en die onderleier dr. Dan Roodt, die bekende skrywer en politieke kommentator van Johannesburg.

Die party is verbind tot die herstel van Afrikanersoewereiniteit en die terugkeer van eie skole, universiteite, gesondheid, bejaarde- en kindersorg, asook veiligheid. In die party se verkiesingsmanifes word die volgende geëis:

  • die onmiddellike afskaffing van alle rassistiese en chauvinistiese wetgewing wat ons burgerskap van die huidige eenheidstaat aantas;

  • dat ‘n moratorium op die verengelsing van Afrikaanse skole geplaas word;

  • dat twee of meer universiteite tot hul vorige voertaal, Afrikaans, herstel sal word en;

  • tesame met die Afrikaanse skole aan ‘n komitee of raad van Afrikaners oorgedra sal word, met ‘n begroting om vir die bestuur en befondsing van ons onderwysinstellings voorsiening te maak.

Sedert die party se bekendstelling, heers groot opgewondenheid onder opposisiekiesers omdat daar nou uiteindelik ‘n beweging bestaan wat onbeskaamd vir hul regte veg.

Front Nasionaal is gekant teen grondhervorming en staan ekonomiese vryheid met minder staatsinmenging voor.

“Steun vir ons party is besig om eksponensieel toe te neem,” sê dr. Dan Roodt. “Te veel kompromieë is reeds deur ander opposisiepartye aangegaan, terwyl die land sienderoë, veral op munisipale vlak, agteruitgaan.”